Base from World Health Organization or WHO is defined as the state of well bell being that is consistently absent from infirmity and disease . This statement speaks about you as a person who should be doing the best to refrain from being sick. The element of well-being includes spiritual, physical, mental, and social well being. Although there would be times that the immune system fails to function as it is normally, it would be best that you do not self medicate and have yourself seek medical consultation instead. Need a Holistic care such as A Chiropractor , naturopath , Massage , counseling? Try Active Back to health


The type of approach that addresses the well being of an entire person, body, mind and spirit is called the holistic medicine. This is a kind of medicine that focuses the art and science of healing. The practice integrates a conventional and alternative type of therapies to prevent and at the same time treat diseases. Promoting optimal health is very essential as this should be the priority of the people who are practicing the approach of holistic medicine. The quest of reaching an optimal well being is through gaining a proper balance. Holistic medicine practitioners believed that if one part of the body does not function, it would entirely affect the whole being. Based on their beliefs, an occurrence of an imbalance creates a negative reaction towards the overall health of a person.


Holistic medicine is also known as an alternative approach of therapy and medication although it focuses and understands the need of ones well being of a person. A holistic doctor may use any forms of health care either conventional or therapeutic alternatives just so to treat a person. Example of which is when you are suffering from a series of headache or migraine. The responsibility of a holistic doctor is to see through the potential factors that triggers you from having headaches such as stress, lack of sleep, personal problems, diet, and other health related problems. The use of prescribed drugs as medication is involved just to relieve symptoms. Part of the treatment plan is the lifestyle modification to help prevent the causes of headaches from recurring.


There are types of treatments in using holistic medicine. Its technique is to help prevent complications and this is also to teach patients to become more responsible in terms of keeping a balanced, optimal well-being. Health teaching- this promotes education to patients with regards to a proper diet and nutrition, exercise, relationship and even spiritual counseling. Alternative treatments can be referred to such as acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage therapy, and many more. It would be best for you to approach holistic medicine providers through searching in your local area.


A few tips as you choose your holistic provider. A professional and clinically trained- it is important that you assess the level and number of years expertise such as accreditation, credible and is licensed. He or she must have an affiliation from either a hospital and or a professional organization. It might be you got it from a recommendation or through your research.