people-coffee-notes-teaWhat happens when you put together a bunch of free thinking, caffeine addicted, over energetic kids disguised as grownups together?  A lot of loud conversations, flying paper airplanes, silly questions and the occasional good idea.  Oh you and you also get a half decent blog.  As much as we all have fun in the office we are pretty serious business people from varying backgrounds coming together to help others.  We have worked in technology, marketing, small business, real estate and the petroleum industry and have watched Calgary grow into the booming business hub it is today.

Why Did We Come Together?

The time was right.  With the growth of social media and online communication our experiences put us in a unique position to help others.  We understand the tools and trends and how you can make them work for your business, the best way to do this was for all of us to work together.

What We Do

No one achieves success totally on their own and we want to be one of the resources you use to help your business grow.  We believe in honest marketing and good companies can succeed through hard work.  We want to help the people of our hometown build the same success we were fortunate enough to do.  Our goals are simple but big…Let’s make Calgary a great place to live and do business.

Welcome aboard, hope you enjoy the ride.